About Us

About Us

Kandahar brand was established in Switzerland in 1928. Elite Swiss products have been produced under this brand for almost 80 years now.

Well known Reuge family has been the owners of this brand. Reuge Music Boxes, which are being manufactured for more than 100 years are considered to be the most prestigious in this field. Charles Reuge was the first member of the family who developed unique pocket watches equipped with musical movements.

Inspired by the good genies of sport and technology, Guido Reuge invented in 1929, a mechanism (Christened Kandahar) for attaching skies to boots that quite literally brought about a revolution in skiing by liberating skiers, enabling them to move their heels from the surface of the ski.

This exclusive name was offered to Reuge family by the famous "Kandahar Ski Club" of Murren in appreciation of this great invention. To live up to this high tradition Kandahar Watches maintain minimum quality standards such as:

  • All watches have sapphire crystal to avoid scratching and breakage
  • Only natural stones (such as natural diamonds, rubies and sapphires) are used. No synthetic material is used in the watches
  • Only high grade movements with gold plated components are used in the watches

 Because of these exacting standards, which are used in the production of the watches, they last for generations.


Recently we have developed a special technique (Swiss Patent) which enables us to create customized watches at a very short notice. Any text, message or picture can be captured on the watch face by this process.

This innovation has helped us to work out a plan to create commemorative personalized watches for universities. A commemorative watch is to commemorate your association with the university and to celebrate your achievements there. These watches are a testimony of emotions and a proud possession of the owner.

A separate division is being created to look after the production and delivery of these highly personalized watches for the universities. This is important since each watch is produced individually. This division is also to take care of our various sponsorship programs worked out to support different university activities. It is not out of place to mention here that a major part of our profit made by sale of these university watches is contributed to partner universities.

We observed that most of the commemorative items presently available are good for collection only and have no everyday use. To make up for this shortfall our designing team decided to create watches which have collection value and at the same time are good for wearing on all occasions. This being a commemorative product the design, size and models are so selected that these do not become dated. Further, these are made to exacting Swiss standards to match the reputation and the status of the university. For every university we design a distinct model which is different from model of any other university.

A typical commemorative watch has following minimum features:

  • Watch case is made from precious metals such as gold or silver
  • Sapphire crystal is used to avoid scratching and breaking
  • High grade movements with gold plated components are used
  • Features name and crest of the university at appropriate places to ensure that the watch has a classic appearance and is wearable on all occasions
  • Each watch is personalized with the name and status of the owner together with important dates
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